Insights - segmentation returns empty arrays?


Hitting the following endpoint:

If I pass through “IMPRESSIONS” as my interaction_type, I generally get full arrays for all fields (“home_value” for example). However if I pass in “ENGAGEMENTS” as interaction_type, I get mostly empty arrays instead. In both cases, IMPRESSIONS and ENGAGEMENTS are listed as available audiences from

Any idea why these would come back empty? Simply not enough data? In the case in question, ~180k impressions and ~600 engagements over the past month.

Secondary question: At which point do insights become available for a given campaign?



Hi Phil,

Without the specific account id, I can’t be 100% sure of the cause. Would you be able to provide the full twurl request and response for that account (with the account id)?



Hi @hwz! Thanks for the quick response. Not using twurl, but here are the request parameters w/ account and campaign IDs: (if campaign IDs should not be shared publicly let me know)

^— this retrieves full information with no empty arrays, values for all insights as expected


^— this has several empty arrays (for Education, Marital Status, Occupation, for example)

Another campaign ID with similar results: 2bsw6

Thanks for your help!