Insights/engagement for all Tweets




The API Doc says that the method POST insights/engagement allows me to get metrics и for a single Tweet. How can I get the values of these metrics for all account’s tweets at the period (for example, a week)?
If there is no common method to do this, how can I get a list IDs from all account’s tweets at the period?

Thank you!


Hello @pikabo_o,

Currently, the API that you listed is the only way to pull the data that you are looking for. There is no way for you to pull these metrics for all the Tweets related to an account for a period of time other than to use a historical product (Search API or Historical PowerTrack) to pull all of that user’s Tweets from that period of time, pull the Tweet IDs from your results, and plug those into one of the Engagement API’s endpoints.


Thanks a lot! :hugs: