Inserting a twitter widget to my site in Dreamweaver


I am trying to add the profile widget to my dreamweaver site and everything is just telling me to paste the code at the point where I want it to appear. I have done this but nothing appears. I thought maybe it’s due to the fact it’s in an editable region but I tried it in a blank page and it still doesn’t appear. Any suggestions would be very welcome, this is driving me crazy!


Are you trying to add the follow button? or a full widget with you tweets showing?


A widget with my tweets showing.


Here is a link to a video that should be able to help you!


Let me know if the video helped or not!


I have watched this and done exactly the same as his tutorial in a new blank document, but when i preview it in Firefox nothing appears.


Is a pop up blocker currently on that would stop you firefox from opening or just nothing shows up in firefox when it opens?


The only solution that i can find is that you may have to downgrade firefox to 3.5.8 because a lot of users with firefox 3.6 encounter this issue. You can downgrade or re downloading the newest version of firefox may help also because sometimes firefox undergoes some issues during the upgrade process! (Best Answers for Now)


Just nothing is showing in Forefox. Thank you for your help.


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When i try to create a widget it asks for a domain name where i will be hosting the widget. anyone know what i do if i dont have a live site? im building in dreamweaver atm. thanks

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