Inline video playback in the latest Twitter iOS App


Hi, I was hoping someone could help us with some serious issue with are having with the latest Twitter IOS release;

The problem is that by default, Twitter turns off the allowsInlineMediaPlayback value, which our player needs in order to play inline (non-full screen) videos inside HTML pages.

In the previous Twitter iOS version, we bypass this issue by detecting that the user is inside Twitter’s WebView and referring him to Safari.

The problem is that on the latest version, Twitter switched to Safari’s Webview, so we cannot detect the user in inside Twitter anymore, which is kind of a dead-end for us.

So my question is:

  1. Why Twitter disables the allowsInlineMediaPlayback value?

  2. Is there a way we can use JavaScript to detect the user is in Twitter’s iOS App in the new version?

Thank in advanced, any help is greatly appreciated!


I’m sorry that you are frustrated by this behaviour. Unfortunately the iOS app (and Android, web and Tweetdeck apps) are not developer platform products so we can’t directly support you here.

We disable the auto playing behaviour in cards to avoid user annoyance.


Thanks Andy,

However, I wasn’t talking at all about auto playing videos…

I was talking about the ability to enable playback of non-full screen videos (“inline video”), the same way that Safari allows it. The are played when the user click the Play button, like anty other video.