Information of promoted tweets randomly returning 503 http response


Good morning, we have a problem when we make a call to get the information of the tweets promoted through the Ads api. Randomly you are returning an HTTP response 503. This is causing us a fairly serious problem since we do not collect all the information we need for our customers. We need to know the cause of these faults when making the call. This is the call to the api that I am doing.,1hqfxp,1hqfxe,1hqfxd,1hqfxa,1hqfx8,1hhuzy,1hhuzx,1hhuzw,1hhuzv,1hhuzt,1hhuzu,1hhuzs,1hhuzr,1hhuzp,1hhuzn,1hhuzm,1hhuzl,1flga0,1flga1&start_time=2017-09-10&end_time=2017-09-11&granularity=TOTAL&placement=ALL_ON_TWITTER&metric_groups=ENGAGEMENT,BILLING,VIDEO

Thank you.




First of all please do not paste the OAuth details as it can be sensitive.

Generally we do not recommend using the “synchronous” analytics endpoint with a large # of entities and metric groups. Your success rate may go up to limit this to 5 or 10 at maximum.

Finally fetching data with larger amounts is generally much easier with the “async” method. You can find example of how to call and download the data within our SDKs, but the overall explanation of differences may be found here: