Inertia scrolling in embedded widget?


I’m trying to create a small mobile web app that contains an embedded twitter widget.
Despite following conventional implementation, I can’t seem to get the widget to scroll with inertia as most scrollable panels do in iOS.
Does Twitter actually prevent this from being enabled?


–BUMP-- any takers?
I can’t seem to find any info on this issue here, which surprises me as I’ve found other devs posting the same issue, but no answers…


Hi Cam,

We did have Apple’s inertia scrolling CSS enabled in the widget for a time, but ran into a huge number of bugs with surprise horizontal scrolling in some versions of iOS. So unfortunately we had to remove that directive. I’ll make a note to revisit it now that iOS adoption has moved on a version.




Ah-ha! I had my suspicions. Thanks Ben.
Yes, please find a way to restore. It makes for a very odd feel when the rest of my app scrolls naturally but not my twitter feed. Cheers!


Hi. I’m wondering if there’s any further discussion on restoring inertia scrolling now that iOS has matured much? Thanks!


Hi there !
Still no news on this issue ? It’s quite annoying and uncomfortable to not have this standard behaviour as soon as we reach the Twitter feed on a page :confused:
Thanks :slightly_smiling_face: