"ineligible to participate in the Twitter Ads program"


I have a new account but I’m ineligible for the Twitter ads program. There wasn’t really a solution here: “Your account is ineligible to participate in the Twitter Ads program”?

because the Help? link talked about here: https://business.twitter.com/help/about-eligibility-for-twitter-ads

is impossible to get to since I can not log into ads.twitter.com. How do I request to be reviewed?


You might wish to have a look at this forum entry from a couple of months ago:


That is the one I referenced…


Oh, I shouldn’t skim through text like that, sorry.


If your account is very new with little organic activity (tweets, followers, or following other users), it can trigger our spam protection and be prevented from participating in the Twitter Ads program. Try to get started with some Twitter activity first, and your account should soon be made eligible for Twitter Ads.

Account eligibility?
Ineligible for Twitter Ads Why?

Yeah I understand that and will try to do that but I guess you are trying to tell me there is no way to be request to be reviewed? Either way you should look into correcting the info that has been incorrect for at least 4 months now.


I have the same problem. I’m a business tweeting for other businesses so will be setting up lots of new Twitter accounts. How do I get eligible to advertise as there is no help ticket option

Is it because it’s a new account and you need a certain amount of followers. Just a basic list would help Twitter the policy does not answer our question


Once your account is considered eligible for advertising, the ads.twitter.com page will unlock automatically.

Generally speaking, an new Twitter account should have following things:

  • some time since the account was created
  • a completed profile and non-default profile photo, and ideally a cover photo
  • some organic tweet history
  • some following and follower accounts

Account eligibility?

Hello there,

I have problem about my Twitter Ads Account too, My Credit Card is valid but someday ago I can not pay my ads bill and error display that " We had a problem processing your last payment…" I submitted a ticket then they answer me that my account is ineligible to participate in the Twitter Ads program. My account is almost 6 years old and have much tweets and followers.

What’s wrong?

Please help.
Thank you.