Individual Product cards for all the Products in my online shopping website



I have a online shopping website and I want to create product cards for all my products on the run time (i.e. I want to include the meta tags on the product pages dynamically), so is it possible ? If so, please advise how ? because what I read and understood in the docs says it requires approval for each card?

Please advise.

Sylvain Carle (@froginthevalley) / Taylor Singletary (@episod) - could you help me please on this ?



Same Question!


I have the same question here … i want more than two card to be validated. We have summary card validated for our website and we would like to know how to validate PRODUCT CARD as well .


Product cards were removed in 2015. This is covered in the troubleshooting topic. You’ll have to use a summary or summary large image image card for your products instead.