Indicating to user that no tweets were found using SearchTimeline?



I’m trying to let my users know that no tweets were found in cases where the SearchTimeline search returns no results. I’ve currently set up a recycler view with a SearchTimeline attached to it. I’m also using an adapter data observer to observe when the data contents of the adapter changes, and display a toast when the item count is 0 like so:

                timelineAdapter.registerAdapterDataObserver(new RecyclerView.AdapterDataObserver() {
                    public void onChanged() {
                        if (timelineAdapter.getItemCount() == 0) {
                            ((HomepageActivity) getActivity()).showToast(getActivity(), "No tweets found.", Toast.LENGTH_SHORT);

However, this is not working as intended, as there are cases when tweets are found yet the toast still pops up. How would I fix this issue? Thanks.