Increasing your rate limit for rest api?



I was wondering if there was a way to increase your rate limit, especially regarding user lookup?

for example i have read that companies can pay to access 10% of the firehose instead of 1% in the streaming api and wondered if something similar would be possible with the rest api?



Elevated access for users/lookup is not generally available. It’s best to scope your plans around the limits provided and grow by increasing your user base.


What are some best practices to ‘scope your plans around the limits’?


It depends on what your goals are. What kind of product are you looking to build?

I would start with looking at the per-user and per-application rate limits for each API method. Analyze which methods you would need to use to accomplish your goals. Then figure out how far you’ll be able to take those goals on a per-user basis per each fifteen minute window of time in a 24 hour day.