Increasing the daily media limit


Hi there,
Recently we (@100FAT, company specialised in interactive media-installations) constructed an @AgingMachine. It consists of a photobooth where visitors can take their picture. Afterwards, their picture will be shown on a big screen, but then aged 40 years as realistic as possible.
And now the problem: The visitors also get the choice to tweet their picture, via @agingmachine, so they can check it later. The problem is that we hit the maximum upload limit pretty quick. We were on a festival with the AgingMachine on the first of June and 240 people were aged in a range of six hours. 120 of them wanted to twee their picture. Unfortunately, after approximately 30 tweets or so, the script began to gave back error code 403, with a message that we hit the media upload limit.
We were hoping it is possible to increase the limit so that we can age people all day and don’t have to worry about the limit. If the limit would be set to a 1000 uploads, this would be perfect! Is this possible, and are there costs involved?
Thanks for your trouble!


Hi Twitter tech guys, it’s been almost two weeks. Anyone care to answer this not so difficult question???


I’m looking 4 the same, hope there’s some help somewhere


Could someone from Twitter reply to this thread? I’m running into the same problem at the moment…


@100FAT, do you know what exact rate limit for uploading media?


Check the Headers in each of the Post Method Responses from Twitter. It varies from 30 to 3000 per user per day per IP Address.