Increasing Cost Rate Limit?


We are managing many (100+) active accounts, some of which have hundreds of campaigns, and are battling hard against the cost-based rate limiting system at the moment. We’re following the practices laid out by but the number and cost of calls we’re making seem to be too great. Is there any process by which we can have our limit raised?


@cordeiro_scott tell me more about how you’re currently doing things.

The rate limits of analytics are request cost / per user token / per 1 min interval. Are you managing 100+ accounts with a single user token? Or are you using a different user token for each account? As long as you’re doing the latter and adhere to the best practices you linked too you should be able to stay well under the limits.

How are you persisting the analytics you pull currently and how are you grabbing the latest? Ideally as our best practices indicate, you’re pulling stats on a sliding 7-day window with an hourly granularity and storing that in your own system to be rolled up into daily, monthly, yearly aggregates.


@brandonmblack, we are currently using a single token scheme. Our handle has been granted account admin access by various clients so i’ve simply been using the OAUTH token of our handle to make all of these API requests. When looking at our app in under the “Keys and access tokens” section I see an option to regenerate a key, but that would seem to imply it would replace the existing key, not add another. Can we make multiple tokens for our one single handle?


An OAuth token represents a relationship between the application and the user account. As a result, only one token per user account is granted. In fact, if you try to authorize the same user multiple times for your application, the Twitter API will give you the same token back each time.

You should definitely move away from managing all your advertisers under a single user account. That’s a bit of a doomed strategy in terms of product growth. This approach will be extremely limiting and you’ll constantly be fighting with all kinds of rate limits (not just on stats).

The best option will be to create and manage many user accounts, one for each advertiser, on behalf of your customers and authorize your application under each of those accounts.

This can be a bit more difficult to manage, but it’s the best option if you’re in a situation where your advertisers are only willing to give you promoted-only access and don’t want to grant your application a user token for their own account.

I highly recommend taking a read through our guide on obtaining ads account access. This guide outlines both recommended strategies for account authorization depending on the level of access you require.

It’s worth noting however that while we allow you plenty of flexibility in how you choose to manage user accounts, you won’t be allowed to create multiple user accounts for a single advertiser as a means of circumventing rate limits.


I have a similar issue, but I’m confused on how exactly how to get multiple user accounts authenticated with a single applications. Is the process the following:

  1. Create multiple twitter users
  2. Authenticate it with the application
  3. Then use that with the api?

I go to and I only see one app to one oauth token. Does this mean I have to create a new user and then authenticate with my application Id and therefore it generates an authentication Oauth token that I can use for that particular advertiser?


@psuedorandom you should check out the guide I linked to in my previous comment. You should also ready the Twitter OAuth docs fully.