Increase in false-positive "Status contains malware" errors?


Recently, when posting statuses that contain links, we’ve noticed an increase in false-positive “Status contains malware” errors. We treat those errors as permanent failures, so they aren’t retried automatically by our software.

In this case, the errors are almost all incorrect. The Google safe browsing diagnostic indicates that the URL is not listed as suspicious or hosting malware. In each case the statuses were resubmitted (with the same URL) successfully shortly after the failure.

The errors seem to cluster around time periods an hour or two long. Today’s was around 2pm Pacific time, but I saw a similar cluster of occurrences on October 30 and October 31. Could this be due to an intermittent outage between Twitter and the service(s) it uses to determine if a URL is safe?

EDIT 13 November at 10am: Clarifying that statuses work when resubmitted with the same URL.


Additional detail that might be relevant but might not: All the messages that received this error had links. Putting one of the links through the Google safebrowsing diagnostic site, I see:

“Yes, this site has hosted malicious software over the past 90 days. It infected 0 domain(s), including .”

As mentioned before, though, the same links (as bitly-shortened versions) go through fine when the status is re-posted.


I’m looking into this; are you still experiencing the issue this morning?


I’m seeing a lot of these today as well. All the instances I’ve come across so far have been links.

One of our customers was unable to post a tweet with a link via our API, but was able to successfully post the same tweet sans link, using the URL ( shortened) instead.


Are you still seeing this as of an hour ago or so?


Yes, I just saw the most recent error about 10 minutes ago. A bitly link again, this time with the domain.


Thanks, very useful.


The last error I saw was about 23 hours ago, and I’ve heard (on Twitter, of course) that the issue was fixed. @episod, can you confirm that?


I can confirm that this should now be resolved.


Hi! My site is with the same false positive problem for malware on twitter.
Please can you solve it for me too?


If you are experiencing this issue then please follow the steps in this support article to open a ticket. Thanks.