Increase API rate limits



we’re working on development of a web application, which should operate with direct messages, followers and so on based on logged in user. However, we faced rate limits for this functionality in rate limits.
The Twitter Sitestreams API, which should provide us with such functionality as per documentation, is still closed as a beta version.
Is there any way to change the limits or other solution for the mentioned features implementation?


From your description “operate with direct messages, followers and so on” it is not clear exactly which rate limits and endpoints you are talking about.

Note that most of the limits associated with direct messages are account limits rather than API rate limits.

There are no plans to extend access to Sitestreams.


Thanks for your answer.

We plan to constantly work with almost all user data, that’s why we need increased API rate access. Is it possible? Or maybe there’s another way to get access to Sitestream before beta stage completed?


There is no way to get access to sitestreams at all.

What data specifically are you talking about - the Gnip data products may be better suited.