Incorrect system time results in "Failed to validate oauth signature and token"


I thought I’d leave a comment in case it’s useful for anyone… if the oauth_timestamp is too out of date, Twitter returns the same “Failed to validate oauth signature and token” error as when you compute the signature wrong in the first place. In my informal tests, future timestamps were okay, but a timestamp older than about 900 seconds results in the error.

If users are reporting problems intermittently, perhaps have them check their system clocks.

Twitter devs, if the OAuth spec doesn’t somehow disallow it, a more specific error message could save a lot of head scratching and many hours of frustration…


My dear Jeffrey, I just encountered this stupid problem , and spent 3 hours to find out this bug(does it really count for a bug???) I changed my system time few days ago and forgot to change the time zone. So the time actually lags 7 hours, so I got the stupid message “Failed to validate oauth signature and token”. Wasn’t for your comment, I would never find out this problem.

I really hope the twitter guys can make the error message more specific.,…