Incorrect rate limits for list timelines



I have a twitter account, let’s call it DevA. That account has an application AppA. I authorize DevA to access AppA. I now have a consumer key and consumer secret for AppA and I have an access token and access token secret from the DevA authorization. However when I attempt to access the list/statuses API (, I am only able to get 15 requests before I get rate limited. The x-rate-limit-limit says 15 and x-rate-limit-remaining is 0 and x-rate-limit-reset is 15 minutes from now.

According to the limits ( I should be able to get 180 requests within 15 mins. Any ideas, why I would be only able to get 15?


I figure out that the problem was that I was using the Ruby Twitter Gem and I was recreating the twitter client for each request but it was running /account/verify_credentials in the background which is limited to 15 requests in 15 minutes.