Inconsistent Twitter trends


I track Twitter trends for a project, and since API 1.1 was released I’ve been seeing great differences in the results depending on how I make the request. First for background, I’m using the API request “1.1/trends/place.json?id=23424977” to get United States trends. When I do this using OAuth tokens for different accounts, I get slightly different results through the API for different accounts. The first 5 are roughly the same across accounts, and the second 5 have 3 out of 5 that are different. When I use and request United States trends, the results are totally different from the API, and totally different between different accounts. None of these accounts are set to use tailored trends.

Here is an example. If I make an API request now, I get:

Former President Jimmy Carter
The 2DS
Rep John Lewis
Lincoln Memorial
Dr. King

If I use, I get:

Aaron Hernandez
Wii U
Nintendo 2DS
Dr. King