Inconsistent Tweet Count Between Tweet Button and Twitter Search


We’re experiencing several issues related to the way Twitter currently counts and displays tweets made through the official Twitter button on our blog. Sometimes after clicking the tweet button belonging to a post with a significant number of tweets, twitter returns no tweets related to the post. This usually occurs with posts that are only a few days old. Is there a retention window for which tweets are searchable?

In a related issue, you’ll also notice that Disqus’s ‘Reactions’ plug in isn’t picking up some of the activity. Has anyone else encountered and fixed a similar issue?

Thanks in advance!


We’re investigating some counting issues with the Tweet Button right now, but to answer your question – the Twitter Search index only goes back a few days – usually no more than a week into the past. It’s likely the reason you can’t find the tweets in Search for a number of these articles.


Thanks for such a prompt response, I suspected that might be the case [with indexing].


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