Inconsistent Total vs 100 video view




If I retrieve analytics for AdAccount 18ce54fqc6r and CampaignId 900vf, there is one row that has video_views_100 value higher (10) than video_total_views (7)

Report can be downloaded here:
Don’t know, how long will the link remain valid

Can you please explain, how this can happen? If it’s a bug, or what exactly does it mean.

Thank you




Those files are definitely temporary and usually we request if you can repro strange issues like this with ‘twurl’ both so that we can easily repro and make sure that it’s not something with the implementation. I will take your word for it that the file contains this sort of data, and I am not sure of a reason for it be like that besides a bug.

For helping us prioritize…It would be good if you can check 1) does it still happen, 2) is it only happening with this particular campaign / time period)

The analytics data will be the same between Ads UI and Ads API - so you are free to report issue like this from from an advertiser perspective and this particular case (if it’s a totally one off thing) may be easier to escalate about from that angle.