Inconsistent mobile conversion stats for line items


Yesterday we’ve noticed a wired behaviour in the stats we are pulling from the advertiser API. It seems like the number of mobile_conversion_installs for dates 24/11/2016 - 25/11/2016 went down dramatically through the last couple of days.

For example, the line item 23uct (campaign 251qw, account 18ce53wmxbl) had 1665 installs for the date 25/11/16 when we first pulled the data 2 days ago (excluding the assisted installs in the mobile_conversion_installs, we don’t save this data so we don’t know how this metric changed).
Yesterday the number of installs in the mobile_conversion_installs went to 1069 and than to 224, and today we only see 4 installs for the same line item for the same date.

The query we use:

We found it in more than one of the tokens we have, and they all had this issue through most of their line items stats.
We also tried pulling the data in campaign granularity instead of line items and remove the segmentation, but the stats remained the same.

Can you please help us with this?
Thanks in advance,


Hey @noa_hdr

Thank you for raising the issue! This is a known bug on our end, and we’re currently working towards a resolution. We don’t currently have an ETA for the fix, however we’ll be sure to update this thread once we know more.



Hey @imit8me , any updates by any chance? :slight_smile:


Hey @noa_hdr

Apologies for the late response here, but the discrepancies should be resolved now. Can you confirm if you’re seeing the correct results?



Looks good now!
Thanks a lot for all your help :slight_smile: