Incompresible results with the second page of results


I’m using the twitter API with incompresible results. I’m looking for the #nagios with the query you can see at the image below (line 2). First of all I don’t understand why I’m getting a different value between the “max_id” and “max_is_str”. The matrix with results is ok and return 50 tweets. After processing all the data we have received, we ask for the second page (line 18, is diferente that the “next_results” query send me, but if I use it, I get the same) and the matrix with tweets is empty. Also, the “refresh_url” have changed between “max_id” and “since_id” and the value “next_results” have disappeared.


This happens for me too. Basically, if after obtaining the first page of results, you query for the second page immediately, you get 0 results. However, if you wait for a few seconds, then you obtain the next set of results. I think issue #1686 ( is talking about the same thing