Incomplete promoted account/tweet documentation/implementation?




We are trying to implement promoted tweet and promoted account functionality in our product and it seems that the documentation or the API implementation is incomplete.

The problems that we hit are:

  1. Currently it seems that the twitter handle access to the ads account is limited to One, i.e. we haven’t found a way to promote a tweet from a different handle in our ads account.
    E.g. we have the handle with ads access @company which has local division handles like @company_uk, @company_us, @company_fr.
    Is there a way to “add” the local divisions accounts to the general ad account, so we can promote their tweets from a single place, or we must create ads account for each local handle, add funding instruments and promote their tweets in each separate account?

  2. How are we supposed to “add” promotable accounts to the /accounts/:account_id/promotable_users endpoint? According to the documentation (quote below) this should be doable, but we haven’t found a way to do it through the API or the web interface at

It is a requirement for advertisers to obtain permission to promote another user’s content. Provided you have permission set correctly, you can make calls to the promoted product endpoints that directly reference the Tweet ID of the Tweet you’d like to promote. You do not have to retweet the target Tweet.

  1. It seems there is a discrepancy in the documentation on the dev site as the Promoted Accounts link points to a dead page:

Are we missing something or is the documentation/implementation of the API incomplete?



@biskobe thanks for reaching out. I’ll address your questions below in-line.

You can promote all these handles under the same advertiser account and same funding instrument, but they need to be setup as promotable users first (a process by which the owner of that Twitter handle grants you permission to use them in promoted content).

There are two types of promotable users: FULL and RETWEET_ONLY. You can check the promotable users available to your advertiser account through GET accounts/:account_id/promotable_users and the docs for that endpoint explain a little bit about how promotable users work.

Adding promotable users is not a self-serve process. There is no UI for doing it and no API endpoint either. The process includes a step of grabbing legal consent from the owners of the Twitter handles you wish to add as promotable users and as a result it requires going through a human representative at Twitter.

The primary way of kicking off this process is to have the advertiser talk with their Twitter account manager. As an API consumer you’re a little blind to the process, but as soon as the process is completed you’ll see that the promotable users are available to you in GET accounts/:account_id/promotable_users.

If you’re working with an small-business (self-serve) advertiser account that doesn’t have access to their own Twitter account manager adding promotable users may not be an available option for you but you can use the “Help” link in to file a support ticket and request it.

Thanks for point out the dead link! I’ll get it fixed right away.

The correct link is:


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