Including reply and retweet buttons on User-timeline widgets


i have a user-timeline widget but the widget only has like and share buttons. Is it possible to include other buttons like ‘Reply’, ‘Retweet’ in the widget? I created the widget from setting > widget interface? Can you please suggest, how can i achieve it easily? Thanks

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The retweet action is available through the share menu. The reply action is not included in the new embedded timeline design.


Hi niall,

What should i be using (instead of embedded timeline) that will allow me to include reply, re-tweet, like and more (…) actions to the tweeter feed? my webpage needs to have something like this



what is driving the “need” for a icons for reply, retweet, and like icons when displaying a Tweet inside a timeline on your site?


So that visitors to the page can reply, re-tweet, and like tweets directly from the page (twitter feed contains single latest tweet). This is one of the requirement for the page.I was wondering if it is possible to achieve it with Search APIs (if not with timeline widget)? The embedded timeline gives what i needed but i also need to have those reply, like and more buttons at the bottom of the widget.


You can use individual Tweet embeds to get those actions. The new embedded timeline widget only provides the share action.


Hi Andy,

Individual Tweet Embeds will not work for me since one needs to get the embed code manually . The page needs to pull the latest tweet dynamically. Is there any API that includes all the actions as in Twitter? How can I get the feed that looks like in


There are two officially supported methods for embedding our content on the web - individual Tweets, or Timelines. The Timelines use the Share button rather than the other actions, as discussed above.


Individual Embed might work, if i can get ID dynamically and then pass it to CreateTweet method. Also, I assume I wouldn’t be able to exclude Follow button from the Widget?



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