include_entities and users/lookup


I have a question regarding the call to users / lookup, as I have understood, or that’s what I understand in the documentation, how to disable receiving entities to establish include_entities = false in the API call, but more I try not disappear me the answer entities (that is what I intend to streamline / optimize calls, and I do not use that data).

the request URL to use is:

the ids are a coma separated of 100 or less ids

If I´m setting the include_entities parameter improperly I’ll appreciate an explanation.
If, however, this is the desired behavior, appreciate confirmation

I hope any help on this


Hi C.G.,

include_user_entities is a recently added parameter that controls the on/off state of entities for user objects. While include_entities is the parameter controlling entities for tweets. Use include_user_entities=false in combination with include_entities=false to achieve what you’re looking for.


With your explanation of include_user_entities = false, my app works as I wanted, but would be nice if that parameter appear in the documentation

Thank you very much for all the help