include_entities and skip_status are always ignored in verify_credentials


I make a GET request to and I get a result. However, it seems that even if I set include_entities=false and skip_status=true the parameters are ignored at all times.

The API docs are here:

Is there maybe something I am not really getting right???



In my test skip_status=true is working as expected but include_entities=false is not.


I’m having the same issue with users/lookup (not sure when this started as it use to work)

skip_status works fine but include_entities is ignored and entities are returned which is rather annoying as it messes up my data structures and now have to fix existing code


Eventually I figured it out… the Documentation on the API page is NOT up to date, you should use “include_user_entities” instead of "include_entities"
Can someone from Twitter please make sure that at the official Documentation page gets updated?


There are multiple different types of entities. include_user_entities should refer to entities within a user object and include_entities should refer to entities within a status object.


Thanks for the clarification Abraham :slightly_smiling:
I only tested this with users/lookup but in my testing include_entities=false had no effect on the JSON response,I had to explicitly use include_user_entities=false & skip_status=true

Maybe the behavior is specific to the endopint?


If you have skip_status=true than include_entities would have no effect because it refers to entities within the status object that was skipped.