Inactive Twitter Handle (@)!


There are so many inactive twitter accounts with great @‘s!! The frustration resides with the fact that these accounts are not positively impacting the site itself. I cannot find anywhere else so i am creating this topic/thread to request for the use of both the handles (@‘s) ;
’@ Brick’ - inactive for 3 years.
’@ Future’ - inactive for around half a year.
’@ Callum’ - inactive for around half a year.

I believe that by giving inactive @'s back to the community it is almost a fresh start in some sense.

Anyways, thanks for the time, i’m out.


I totally hear you, but a couple of things about this:

  1. From outside of Twitter it’s not possible to tell which accounts are inactive and which aren’t. I expect you’re judging by the date of the last tweet, but plenty of active users don’t tweet. In fact last time we released stats on this, ~40% of active users hadn’t tweeted in the last month.
  2. We don’t currently have plans to release inactive usernames, even great ones. I’m not saying it’ll never happen, but I wouldn’t hold your breath.


Thanks for the feedback - as Isaac says, we totally understand that people would like this to happen, but it is a little more complex than it looks. Closing this thread as it isn’t a specific developer API discussion that we can help with here, but we certainly do take the suggestion seriously. Thanks again!