Inaccurate Twitter Follower Counts


We have been seeing intermittent inaccurate follower counts while querying /users/lookup.json . They appear to correct themselves quickly but not before reporting values like 0 or 1. Seems like it may be related to this tweet from Twitter Support, but I am not aware of any updates or acknowledgement from the API team. According to an analysis we have done of our own data, this has been happening since last Friday and continued this morning. Can you share any information with us about what is going on and what a timeline looks like for getting this fixed?


I don’t have any additional information beyond the Tweets shared by @Support - are you continuing to see issues in this area?


We have not seen the issue in the last few days and a tweet from Twitter Support seems to confirm it is resolved. How can we reliably notified of similar issues in the future? The API Status page and @twitterapi were silent. @Support seems generally too noisy to use for issue notification.