Inaccuracy in Twitter developer documentation


This is not a question. I just want to report a error in the documentation I noticed. This page:
Suggests clicking on the name of your application, it then says
"At the bottom of the next page, you will see a section labeled ‘your access token’"
The “next page” is the Overview page. This section does not exist on this page. The correct place to find “Your access token” is the “API Keys” page.

It appears that at one time, this section was on the overview page, and it looked like it does in the screenshot linked above. Several tutorials around the internet describe this page and literally say “just click on the big blue button on the overview page”. The button is not on the overview page and it is not blue. However, the official Twitter documentation clearly states that the button is on the overview page, and shows a screenshot of a blue button. This actively mislead me and made it take longer for me to figure out what to do than if the documentation had said nothing at all.


Thanks for taking the time to report this, @modus_poems.