In version 1 Impression metrics returning having value as list of integer



so should I consider total of these values as hourly impression?


Hi @idreaminfinite! What granularity are you using in your request?


@majoritasdev I am using HOUR


The data is returned in time series. Please see

Data Returned in Time Series
Data is returned for each metric in a time series based on your request of either HOUR (recommended), DAY or TOTAL granularity. If no data for a metric was collected during the requested time window or if a metric is invalid for the entity, a null value will be returned in place of a time series.

This means that if for granularity HOUR you get, for example, impressions: [10, 5, 17, 21, 53, 100, 64, 34, 5, 20, ..., 30] /* 24 values */ each of those impressions is for hours 00:00 - 01:00, 01:00 - 02:00, and so on.

I hope this answers your question.


Thanks @majoritasdev
but I am only asking for 1 hour data.
I am passing below values in request.

{‘end_time’: ‘2016-05-20T09:00:00Z’, ‘placement’: ‘ALL_ON_TWITTER’, ‘account_id’: u’id’, ‘metric_groups’: ‘ENGAGEMENT,MEDIA,WEB_CONVERSION,MOBILE_CONVERSION,VIDEO,BILLING,LIFE_TIME_VALUE_MOBILE_CONVERSION’, ‘granularity’: ‘HOUR’, ‘entity_ids’: ‘20ids’, ‘start_time’: ‘2016-05-20T08:00:00Z’, ‘entity’: ‘LINE_ITEM’}


I see, @idreaminfinite, and what is the (full) response?