In version 1 async call can I delete my job file once I have download data from twitter?



I can see in twitter post async response status of last 200 jobs only…
so can I deleted jobs which are not required for me from twitter…

Or can I get status of my more than my last 200 jobs?


Hi @idreaminfinite! I don’t think you can delete them - there’s nothing like that in the docs. But the jobs expire automatically after a certain amount of time (24 hours I think).


thanks @majoritasdev. is there any way I can get status of last more that 200 jobs.currently I can see there are only providing 200 jobs only…


The GET endpoint for getting job status supports cursoring (most of our index endpoints behave with the same logic here):

So to get the next page of results you have to pass in a cursor. If your implementation doesn’t have this I would consider switching to use one of the SDKs as this tends to be one of the benefits that can be tricky to code.




There are other options in addition to paging. You can make the call with count=1000 to get back 1000 jobs (essentially a bigger page). You could also make the call with the parameter job_ids to get specific jobs. I do not know the limit to the number of job_ids provided. Most of of the other endpoints in the system tend to limit ids to 20 or 50 so I would guess it is one of those, but it is not documented.