In Tailored Audience Manager, Is the value "Twitter" the actual number of targetable users calculated by non-realtime batch?




I used Twitter Ads API (the real time API) and sent csv file which contained 422,373 idfas to build a Tailored Audience in Twitter Ads.

2 or 3 days later,the calculated number of targetable users appeared on Twitter column in the Tailored Audience Manager Page.

But it said over 620,000 as tagetable users.

I can’t understand why it exceeded the number of idfas(422,373) which I sent through Twitter API.

By any chance,am I misunderstanding that the “Twitter” coloumn on the Tailored Audience Manager as the number of targetable users calculated by non-realtime batch?

I attached an image of the screen shot of Twitter Tailored Audience Manager.
I’d greatly appreciate if anyone can post ideas about it.



Hey @saku_yoshir

Can you please provide us the Ads account_id and Tailored Audience id of the audiences in question. This does seem odd given that the size of audience can’t be larger than the number of members.

We can look into the issue further, once we know more.



I have sent another request under the same settings

the number of idfas sent : 422,371
the number in Twitter column in audience manager : 605,240

the Ads account_id : "18ce54h9fz6"
the Tailored Audience id : “2ebux”

I’ve got Tailored Audience Data using twurl

        "audience_size": 605240,
        "audience_type": "CRM",
        "created_at": "2017-11-01T04:45:56Z",
        "deleted": false,
        "id": "2ebux",
        "is_owner": true,
        "list_type": "DEVICE_ID",
        "name": "Twitter_apitest_never_expired_422371_idfas_02",
        "partner_source": "OTHER",
        "permission_level": "READ_WRITE",
        "reasons_not_targetable": [],
        "targetable": true,
        "targetable_types": [
        "updated_at": "2017-11-01T04:45:56Z"