in_reply_to_status_id not working?


hi there ,

i have tried to post reply to tweet using api1.1 but i couldnt :frowning:

i tried every thing but i dunno the preoblem , could u guys help me plz

i am using twitteroauth by ibraham

i tried this , but no result

$status = $connection->post('statuses/update', array('status' => '@name Text of status here', 'in_reply_to_status_id' => 123456));

name is my screen_name on twitter
i also tried replacing name to the status creator screen_name but didnt work

thx in advance



Did you checked in @Connect page instead home page ? it’ work for me, you will find the reply on @Connect twitter page.


thx @AlgerieNewsNet

i tried this but nothing , could u give me full example code plz