In_reply_to_status_id Ignored when its part of exclude_reply_user_ids



per twitter docs

exclude_reply_user_ids- Note that the leading @mention cannot be removed as it would break the in-reply-to-status-id semantics. Attempting to remove it will be silently ignored.

Observed :
Including the in_reply_to_status_id in the the exclude_reply_user_ids array list causes reply to be send as tweet. (looks like twitter in that case completely ignores all values in the parameter and as a result reply shows up in tweets)

Expected - API should ignore the in_reply_to_status_id in the exclude_reply_user_ids array list and it should be reply.


Seeing the same issue here. @andypiper


same problem here


Hey @mmalbergier - I believe this topic is addressing a slightly different topic than what you outlined in your other post. We did respond to your other post, so let’s continue that conversation there.

@TrueGiants and @scrum_war - Apologies for the delay. Please let us know if you still need help here. If you do, can you please further describe what you are trying to do with in_reply_to_status_id and exclude_reply_user_ids?