In 1.1 version, Bad Authentication data Problem


this have been processed when i call the below url(Version 1.0)

it is the command when i call the below url(Version 1.1)
what is this error?

message: “Bad Authentication data”,
code: 215

please, i need help
please, if you know the problem, can you tell me.


1.1 is stricter about proper HTTP and OAuth. I strongly recommend using HTTP header-based auth instead of query-sting based.

Looking at what you’re presenting here, you’re passing an oauth_version of 1.1 – our OAuth version is stil 1.0, and that might be your trouble.


thank you
I was replace the oauth_version
1.1 -> 1.0

after replace the oauth_version
the rest api version 1.0 is no problem.(

if processing the url(
, occured below command

message: “Could not authenticate you”,
code: 32
what is this error?

do I call the below url?


sorry, url is the below query


Are you able to make other API calls with this access token? What happens with /1.1/account/verify_credentials.json? It’s unfortunately not possible to know what’s going wrong with just this information – I do recommend switching to using HTTP headers for auth instead. What library are you using for this?


FOUND A SOLUTION - using the Abraham TwitterOAuth library. If you are using an older implementation, the following lines should be added after the new TwitterOAuth object is instantiated:

$connection->host = ""; $connection->ssl_verifypeer = TRUE; $connection->content_type = 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded';

The first 2 lines are now documented in Abraham library Readme file, but the 3rd one is not. Also make sure that your oauth_version is still 1.0.



// Set twitter username, number of tweets & id/class to append tweets
user: 'serhatakti',
numTweets: 5,
appendTo: '.twitter .span12',

// core function of jqtweet
loadTweets: function() {
        url: '',
        type: 'GET',
        dataType: 'jsonp',
        data: {
            screen_name: JQTWEET.user,
            include_rts: true,
            count: JQTWEET.numTweets,
            include_entities: true
        success: function(data, textStatus, xhr) 
             var html = '<div class="tweet">TWEET_TEXT <span class="label label-inverse">AGO</span></div>';
             // append tweets into page
             for (var i = 0; i < data.length; i++) {
            			 html.replace('TWEET_TEXT', JQTWEET.ify.clean(data[i].text) )
            			 	 .replace(/USER/g, data[i].user.screen_name)
            			 	 .replace('AGO', JQTWEET.timeAgo(data[i].created_at) )
        			 	 	 .replace(/ID/g, data[i].id_str)
             if ($('.twitter .tweet').size() > 1)
                 $('.twitter .tweet').hide();
                 $('.twitter .tweet:first').show().addClass('active');
                	 var i = $('.twitter').index('.twitter .tweet');
                	 var ni = $('.twitter .tweet').eq(i+1).index('.twitter .tweet');
                	 if (ni == -1) i = -1;
                	 $('.twitter .tweet').eq(i+1).show().addClass('active');
                 }, 3000);


What is the problem? it was working with 1.0


Does anybody has the authentication library for C++ language? I need it for the API 1.1 for my arduino microcontroller ! Thank you so much !

time = new Date(); Ext.Ajax.request({ url: '', method: 'GET', params: { data: { input: 'innofied' }, header: { Authorization: "OAuth", oauth_consumer_key:"IfjaAa6iCNYvcwIsa9kTg", oauth_nonce:"36ffab18d15a5f0442615cce0efe55b3", oauth_signature:"cR%2Bn4cqEm3Ayji2gmcFSQC1U0h4%3D", oauth_signature_method:"HMAC-SHA1", oauth_timestamp:time.getTime(), oauth_token:"335386060-kzEAT99JvC1GilEtAZQhQqMz3Q3PDlZHZa06O3sN", oauth_version:"1.0" } }, callback: function(options, success, response) { console.log(response.responseText); } });

I also get the same type of error… please HELP


You’re going to find it difficult to use API v1.1 in Javascript like this. One issue you have is that you’re addressing version “1.0” of the API in your search/tweets URL – which doesn’t exist. That should be “1/.1”

When you set the oauth_timestamp, you should be doing so in the algorithm that is creating your signature base string and signature – by setting it based on the current time while creating the header, you’re going to create a mismatch with the time when you created your signature base string. How are you generating your signature?


[node:126] has at least one C++ library you can use for Twitter and/or OAuth.


I think the problem is with the API. I too have tried with several combination however nothing works



I have the same error. And in my App OAuth Settings, there is this default value “” into the “Request URI: *” field, and I can’t change it. Why 1 and not 1.1?

Anyway, one Wordpress plugin works for me, but not some themes which have a Twitter Widget with the following fields: consumer key, consumer secret, access token key and access token secret. I’m also trying to create my own ‘last-tweets’ widget but it’s more difficult using API 1.1.

EDIT: Hi! I solved it! I had to install cURL PHP module on my local server (localhost). Now works fine, except the Twitter connection because is slow when loading.


Hi ,

It is not possible to fetch the user details via twitter API1.1 it is getting a response as bad authentication error code 215 what to do? is there any solution to solve this problem?


Did you get the solution ? Am facing the sae problem, Please help anyone.


I am Developing Celebrate I phone Apps.

how to display celebrate Tweets in Tableview .

please tele me.


I am unable to get the data trends. i got bad authentication data error. I didn’t understand how to get the trends.