Improving the API Status Dashboard


Hey everyone

For some time now, our API Status Dashboard has been reporting inaccurate information. Unfortunately this has not given developers a clear picture of what is happening on the platform. Please be assured that we are now working to resolve this as part of the migration to our new site.

For the moment, we have removed User streams status information as something broken out from the Streaming API - but this does not mean that there is any change to the availability of the service itself.

Thank you for your patience while we work to bring you a dashboard which provides more useful information in the future.

API Status Dashboard is back
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I’m putting together an API Status dashboard for, and am interested in how Twitter is quantifying the performance and Uptime metrics. Are you averaging data at a point in time, or are they discreet measurements? How do you measure uptime (are you including only 500 responses, etc)? Are you measuring uptime through you API management platform? Are you measuring performance from external sites calling into the API?

Thanks for any insight you can offer.Thanks,


As it shows at the bottom of the API status dashboard page, we are using the Nimsoft monitoring tools to provide the information in the dashboard at present.


Hello Andy,

Does this mean that we can obtain access to the streaming API or is this part of GNIP?

Great improvements anyway - good work!


The API dashboard currently doesn’t cover the GNIP API, and yes, everyone has access to the Streaming API public and userstreams endpoints right now.