Improperly Deleted (Broken/Bugged) Lists - State of Limbo


It appears that I have 2 or 3 lists which haven’t been, properly, fully deleted from my account and as a result are in a state of limbo.

nolist-02 doesn’t appear via the APIGee console anymore since a destroy attempt but sometimes shows it (clicking takes me to a 404 instead of list view). The other two do appear via the APIGee console but on a destroy attempt the API returns a does not exist response, they also show at and in list view.

“id”: 83360000,
“id_str”: “83360000”,
“name”: “Personal - Local”,
“slug”: “personal-local”

“id”: 80543701,
“id_str”: “80543701”,
“name”: “NOLIST 02”,
“slug”: “nolist-02”

“id”: 80543694,
“id_str”: “80543694”,
“name”: “NOLIST 01”,
“slug”: “nolist-01”