Impression Cap by ad source



I’m trying to set imperssion cap by ad sources (Segment -> caps -> Daily impression cap)

But it is not stopping traffic over the limit i set

any ideas?


Hi @bbseejh,

Thanks for reaching out with your question!

Daily and hourly impression caps limit the number of ads that can be shown to a particular user. For example, if you only want a user to see one ad a day from a particular network, set it to one daily impression. These caps do not limit the total number of ads that can be shown from a network.

If you are looking to limit the number of total impressions served by a network in a given day, your best bet is to create a budgeted network line item.

If you still have questions, please reach out to the MoPub Support Team at with a summary of your question, the email address associated with your account and the related ad unit ID.