Impossible to tweet




I work with Unity, my application is on android. I use twitter via the Soomla package. When I try to tweet I have this message :

“please return to ‘appname’ to continue the signup process twitter”

Any ideas?

Thanks !


I’m afraid I’m not familiar with Unity or with Soomla, but I’m happy to try to walk through this with you.

  • have you added valid consumer key and secret in your app?
  • what happens when you try to Tweet? does it send you to a web browser?
  • at what point is the user logged in to Twitter? via something in the application, or in a browser?


When I try to tweet, I have this window :

If the user is logged on the device, the user is logged in the window;


I have created a new twitter’s account and a new twitter apps and I have a the same error, any ideas?


We buy this package :!/content/31343

Without modifications, its works !
When I set my consumer key / secret, it doesn’t work.

I have this message :

"Get user profile failed : 401:Authentication credentials
( were missing or incorrect. Ensure
that you have set valid consummer key/secret, access token/secret, and
the system clock is in sync. Message - Could not authenticate you. code


Are you able to contact the supplier of the package you bought from the Unity Store?


Probably, but it doesn’t work with the WIFI but with the Phone network it works !


OK so let’s back up…

  • this works before you add your tokens, but NOT after you’ve customised the code?
  • even without making any changes, it doesn’t work on Wifi?
  • it always works on 3G / mobile data connection?

I’m struggling to understand the path that works vs the path that does not work. Since I cannot reproduce the issue as I’m not familiar with Unity, I’m trying to work through what is happening.