Impossible to Compose a Card with Unity SDK



E TweetUploadService: Post Tweet failed
E TweetUploadService: HTTP request failed, Status: 403

Here it says that it needs to be whitelisted first?

But I’m simply testing the functionality.

In other SDKs there is a sandbox mode where you can test everything without requesting any permissions for development.

Also, very important. Why are you not providing callbacks like success/error?

Compose (TwitterSession session, Card card, string[] hashtags = null)

We can’t know if it all goes well or not so we can’t show feedback to the user or make different actions for each case.


Yes, your app does need to be whitelisted before testing this functionality. Please apply for permission here: At this time, there isn’t a Sandbox mode to test in.


I have already applied it and it has been accepted but I have the following problem.


Thanks, if you already have the permission, then I’m going to update the topic to the Twitter SDK folks who are the experts on this!


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