Impossible to collect tweets with Tweepy streaming facilities



Hi all,

For a research project I’m currently trying to collect tweets using Tweepy streaming facilities (basically following

Until this WE I could do so without problem, but this morning neither filter nor sample endpoints seem to work any more: the callback for connection is triggered OK, but I never happen to collect any tweet then. I tried with several Twitter apps, on several machines, and several networks, with no avail.

Is this a general problem lately, or is it only for me? Did anyone have the same problem today?


I just set up a simple twurl command to track the term “snow” from the filter endpoint and it seems to be working fine from here. You’re not seeing any HTTP error when you connect? Are the terms you’re using obviously popular / in use, or could they simply not being posted at the moment? - I note you said sample isn’t working either, which is odd.


OK my script happened to be buggy - after fixing, everything is fine actually!

Thanks you for the answer BTW :slight_smile: