Impossible to check "Read and Write" permission setting



I create this topic because I noticed that I can’t check the “Read and Write” setting when creating my app, which I need to enable a Wordpress auto-publish to Twitter setting.

When I check that “Read and Write” line and click Update settings, I get the error message : "You must add your mobile phone to your Twitter profile before granting your application write capabilities. Please read for more information"
The problem is that I live in France and that, trying to add my phone number, I get a message saying that my phone service is not available and that I can’t add the phone number…

So as I need to have my mobile number linked to my account to use my Twitter application as intended, I am blocked because I can’t add the phone number…
Is there any way to enable the “Read and Write” permission anyway, or is it impossible for me to use my autopublish to Twitter Wordpress plugin ?

Many thanks for helping and answering.
Best regards,
Maël Shanti.

PS : I hope I posted my topic in the right place. If not, please move it to the right category.