Important changes to Twitter Kit apps - how to check which Fabric app is concerned?



Today all our Fabric admins received following e-mail from

Action Required: Important changes to Twitter Kit apps


Following the acquisition of Fabric by Google in February, we’ve launched a major update of Twitter Kit with some important changes. Learn about the Twitter Kit 3.0 release here. As a Fabric app admin, there’s essential maintenance you need to perform to update your use of the Twitter Kit SDK.
To complete the process and maintain your app(s) going forward, you need to connect your Twitter Kit Fabric app(s) to a Twitter account. You’ll now manage your app information and Twitter API access using the Twitter app dashboard.
[Button] Connect your apps now
Please note, your users’ access to Twitter content and the Twitter API in your app has not been affected by this change, but connecting your Twitter Kit app to a Twitter account is important to guarantee continued service in the future.
If you are not the right person to maintain these apps, any Fabric admin in your organization can perform the action. If you have concerns that you can’t connect an app to an appropriate account, please contact us using our developer support form, citing the app name and ID (listed below).
If you have any questions or concerns, please ask away in our developer forum.
Thanks for using Twitter Kit, and for developing apps with us! We’re excited to see what you build.

The e-mail is ended by somewhat enigmatic list (Allegro Group is our organization name):

The following apps need to be connected:
Created by Fabric for allegro-group: on android from Allegro Group (ID: )

We have 30+ apps in Fabric, but as far as I can tell none of Android (nor iOS ones) apps utilizes TwitterKit API. How can we determine what is the app concerned in this e-mail? I do not know how to search in Fabric for the given . What will happen if we do not connect any app to some Twitter account?

Thanks, Regards,


Hi @manicaesar,

We’ve sent this notification to every administrator for Fabric apps with Twitter Kit attached — all of which have Twitter API keys provisioned for them. As Fabric will no longer provide a dashboard for configuring Twitter Kit and the Twitter API, it’s necessary for you to connect apps to a Twitter account for future maintenance.

If you didn’t ultimately use Twitter Kit in your app, you can ignore the connection email. Nothing will break! Just be aware that using those API keys in the future will require you to visit for future management and metadata updates.

Looking at you application it was created a while back and hasn’t seen any usage. You could ignore the email or migrate then delete the app in