IMPORTANT: Automated direct messages for a research study - access token getting revoked



The rules here ( say that an app cannot send unsolicited direct messages. We have, so far, respected all the rules stated in the aforementioned link by explaining to our users that they might be receiving bulk direct messages.

We are the organizer of TREC Real-Time-Summarization Track, a research track that benchmarks different information retrieval systems around the world. You can find more details about the track here: The track has already begun, but the access token gets deleted frequently and the app gets revoked. We also tried to contact the Twitter support but could hardly connect to them. We would very much appreciate it if you can look into this issue immediately.


Hi there! I totally understand your frustration especially when you are live in a research study like this.

We are unable to help with individual applications and specific issues here on the public developer forums, and the best way to request assistance is via our platform support forms where you can provide more information such as application ID, consumer key, and more information about the operation of your integration.

Thank you for your patience while our support team works to respond to you.