Implement Summery cards in NodeJS



Hello there!

I am developing an analytical web app and I would like to allow my users to tweet out dynamically generated images (html canvas elements exported as images) along with some prefilled text from his own profile. As far as I managed to figure out, the way to do this is whenever the user clicks on the “tweet” button the app has to open a new window with the newly created meta tags containing the generated information.

My concerns are: Is that the most optimal way of doing this? Will the information be scraped and visible immediatelly? How do I validate my website to share dynamic images (cards)? How do I test this locally (localhost)? Is there some sort of example since I do not know how to integrate the API Tools in the application?

Thank you in advance!


Unfortunately I don’t think you’re going to have much luck attempting to implement this. Twitter’s card crawler has a 7 day refresh window, so unless every URL you share is static and unique this would be pretty difficult to deliver.

There’s certainly no need to use the Twitter API to share cards - you just implement the card meta tags on the static web pages that are then crawled by Twitterbot. When a user posts a Tweet containing the link, a card should be rendered. Unfortunately in order to test this you do need a world-accessible web server, not localhost.


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