Impersonation claim as a sole trader?


Apologies if this isn’t in the right place. I’ve spent a while looking for a better one but thus far come up empty.
Another twitter account is using a name I’d like. The account itself has no tweets and no followers, and has been inactive for over a year, but is using an @ handle that is both my domain name, my commercial trading name, and (part of) my real name.
I was going to request that twitter release it for me to use, but I noticed the form for claiming impersonation is directed towards “companies”. Does this refer to a specific registered private or public limited company? Or does it simply refer to any business or commercial venture? Since I operate as a sole trader, and I’m neither incorporated nor in ownership of a trademark, am I unable to request the release of the name, or is the form simply using “company” as a catch-all term?