Images previewed on timeline


On my twitter timeline, whenever there’s a photo attached to the tweet, there’s a “preview” of it before you click on the tweet to see the picture. I do not know why this has happened, and if there’s any way of removing it. I checked settings, but found nothing. Could someone please help me? I haven’t done anything to make this happen, and I would appreciate if someone could help me remove it.


A lot of people on my feed are also complaining about this- it makes the website almost unusable for a lot of us. I hope there is a way to switch it off.


Yeah, me too. It’s really annoying.


It’s extremely messy and irritating. I’ll definitely miss some tweets now with these ugly huge previews. Also, I’ll probably see pictures I don’t want to see. I hope they either get rid of it or make it optional on the website.