Images not showing up on summary cards


Images aren’t showing up on our summary cards.

I have validated my url on


Here’s the URL

Here’s a tweet with that URL

Here’s the image url

What the problem?



Looking at the URL you provided I see that currently there are no Twitter Cards related tags present, also when running through the card validator I dont see any card related tags present:


Hi, Thanks for your reply.

Maybe the site temporarily unable to visit. My test verification is normal, except that image still can not display.


Can you try to visit this page again and help me solve this problem?

Thank you.


There are meta tags on that page:

<meta content="summary" name="twitter:card"/>
<meta content="" name="twitter:site"/>
<meta content="" name="witter:creator"/>
<meta content="5 important tips to help you create a great first date impression" name="twitter:title"/>
<meta content=""name="twitter:image"/>


Hmmm, that’s strange.
the only thing that I can think of is the missing space in the “twitter:image” tag (between the content and the name).

can you please add the space and see if it effects the card rendering?


I agree with @ran5000 you should check that tag and fix the space there.

Also, I see this:

$ curl
User-agent: *
Disallow: /

This means that at the moment, no user-agents are able to visit the URL where your images are stored. This is covered in the troubleshooting FAQ topic. You’ll want to fix that too.


I have add that space in the "twitter:image” tag, but seems still not works well.

The current meta tags content:

<meta content="summary" name="twitter:card" />
<meta content="" name="twitter:site" />
<meta content="" name="witter:creator" />
<meta content="5 important tips to help you create a great first date impression" name="twitter:title" />
<meta content="" name="twitter:image" />


thank you.

I have change that robots.txt config. still did not solve the problem.

now my robots.txt as follows

$ curl
User-agent: *
Disallow: /

User-agent: Twitterbot


I see that the card is currently working:


Yes, It works now. Thank you!


Thank you for your help! my page works well now.

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