Images not displaying



Hi there,

I’ve checked my robots file, the images are the right sizes and not too big. I’ve also checked the site via CURL, and swapped out a third party plugin for the official Twitter plugin, and still I cannot get any images to show. According to the validator everything should work.

An example of a tweet is here:



Not certain what the issue might be, but if you modified the robots.txt file to allow access for Twitterbot after the initial validation, it might be simply cached and waiting for the next recrawl in around 7 days.



I got the same problem and trying to resolve this with my hosting provider.

I’m using Wordpress as the CMS, but blogposts are not displaying their images in Twitter.
Have checked card-validator and it’s throwing the errors:

"Unable to render Card preview.

ERROR: Fetching the page failed because the request timed out."

It’s unclear whether it’s a problem on our server - or your server side.

Pls advise.



If the request timed out it is usually because the target server is not responding quickly enough to the crawler.


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