Images not being pulled into Twitter Cards?


I have implemented Twitter Cards on several of our clients’ websites using the Wordpress Yoast Plugin but I’m noticing that even though we specified that the cards be Summaries with large photos, the photos from the pages aren’t being pulled into the twitter cards.


This is most likely due to a problem with a robots.txt on the domain. We adhere to the rules within this file and you can read more about it here:

If you’d like, feel free to reply with a few example URLs that should be working and I can confirm this or help troubleshoot further.


Thanks for the reply Jon. Here are a couple of examples. (any page on this site) (this URL specifically which is the home page)


Actually I think I see the problem. When I go to request approval for a domain under Card Type Requested it says “Summary” and in small font it says “the domain listed above will be registered to display this card type only. To use other card types, submit additional requests with URLs that validate for those cards.” What does that mean to submit additional requests with URLs that validate for those cards? I have no option but to choose “Summary” under Card Type Requested. Do you know where I can go to request a different type of card?


Also (in case this helps) I notice that when I put a URL in the card validator for a summary with a photo (it’s been approved) in the “twitter:url” field it says “not found”…could this be because it can’t pull an image for that URL? How come the image pulls for this page for example:


The atlanta2020 site definitely needs to have the robots.txt file adjusted - I cannot find a robots.txt file on the second site, but you should check that too.


Thank you so much for the help!


We adjusted the robots.txt file for images on the first site, how long should I wait to test it again in Twitter Cards?


we typically cache images for a week - take a look at for more on this. There are ways of jumping the cache by adding a random parameter to the URL when you re-validate the card.


Yes, that is likely to be the reason, if the URL cannot be read or accessed.


Thank you!