Image Size Limit when uploading using api


I want to know what is the limit of image size, while uploading using api. I am able to uplaod only 50kb size image


I believe the upper bound for images to statuses/update_with_media is currently 3 megabytes, though whether you can transmit that amount of data reliably and at a swift enough clip will depend a lot on networking conditions.


hi, I can able to post photo with 100 kb. More than that I unable to post. Is there any limitation officially ?

Thanks in advance


Yes, there is a limit. If you call the /help/configuration endpoint you can find out what it is:

If you are not able to post any image larger than 100Kb there may be some other issue, since images up to 3Mb are currently supported. What is the error you are seeing? Are you using the new media upload endpoint, or the existing statuses/update_with_media endpoint?


Hi Andy - Can you please confirm that via the REST API, to this day, that the largest image size that can be uploaded to a users Twitter status/feed is still 3.145728 MB as noted in the The reason I ask this is because I see conflicting notes in the Twitter “written” documentation. That documentation notes 5 MB as noted here Please help clarify.


Hi andy , Then what is the purpose of adding 5MB in image upload? Anything behind this? You will support 5MB suppoprt anywhere?
Documentation link:

Here you mentioned “it is possible to upload a 5 MB image, but the Tweet creation requires images to be <= 3 MB”


We are facing an issue wherein we are trying to upload a 4MB image using twurl (resized to 4MB). We are getting an error
Uploading Media : twurl -H -X POST “/1.1/media/upload.json” --file “/Users/hug32053/Desktop/TestImageDimensions.gif” --file-field "media"
After Posting through twurl “/1.1/statuses/update.json” -d “media_ids=874249293762240514&status=Sample Tweet with media_ids and twurl”
{“code”:324,“message”:“Image file size must be <= 3145728 bytes”}] for this image.

What is the limit on Image Size for uploading a static gif? As per our knowledge, it is 5MB? What constraints are taken into picture?
Please clarify.


What image size constraints are you using for GIF Images? Please share your findings.Its confusing.


I’ve responded on the other thread you started - please avoid posting the same content in multiple places, thank you!